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BLS vs. ACLS Classes for Houston Healthcare Professionals

Many careers either require or highly recommend that you obtain a CPR certification. However, it’s not as simple as just choosing a single CPR class to fulfill this requirement. Depending on your career choice, you may need a more advanced course than others. How can you make the right choice?

The two most common types of CPR classes you may be required to take are a BLS or ACLS. Both classes teach similar concepts and first aid methods, but an ACLS class is far more rigorous and better suited for certain jobs than the BLS. Here is a closer look at the differences and which could be better for you.

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ACLS: Advanced Cardiac Life Support

An ACLS class covers many of the same concepts as a BLS, but at a more advanced level. Consequently, the ACLS requires students to have successfully completed the BLS first. Lessons included in an ACLS class are geared toward medical students or future EMTs in search of more advanced certification.

BLS: Basic Life Support

For most people, obtaining a CPR certificate means taking a BLS course or something similar. This basic class teaches students the principles of first aid, CPR, rescue breaths, and stabilizing a patient until medical professionals arrive. If you aren’t in the medical field and your job encourages or requires CPR classes, a BLS class will almost certainly fit the bill.

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Making Your Choice

Your required level of first aid training depends largely on why you’re taking it. Healthcare workers need more advanced training for obvious reasons. People in other career fields will absolutely benefit from CPR training, but may not need or want the same advanced level. Finally, jobs like babysitting require specialized CPR training for infants and children. Talk to a first aid instructor to find the class level best suited for your needs.

Finding the Right CPR Course

Ultimately, taking a first aid course isn’t just about fulfilling a requirement for work or school. The point of these classes is to teach you how to save lives. Regardless of the level you choose, you’ll be equipped with vital information to intervene in an emergency.

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