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3 Benefits of ACLS Certification

ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support. An ACLS certification course teaches all students how to diagnose and administer care for an adult victim of cardiac and respiratory arrest as well as any other cardiopulmonary emergencies. Even if your position doesn’t require an ACLS certification, there are still benefits of attaining one. Wondering if you should get ACLS certified? Here are 3 reasons why it could greatly benefit your career. Click To Tweet

How Does an ACLS Certification Benefit Your Career?

There are numerous benefits to getting ACLS certified. ACLS training can offer new career growth opportunities, better skills knowledge, as well as higher pay opportunities.

  1. Career Progression and Possibilities
  2. Better Life-Saving Skills Knowledge
  3. Higher Pay Opportunities

1) Career Progression and Possibilities

The main benefit of getting certified is the fact that your competence will be recognized by your employer. When you get ACLS certified you are able to boost your skills portfolio and stand out. It also shows future employers and management you are dedicated to learning and progressing your skills.

ProTip: ACLS certification offers significant value for soon-to-be nurses, as it enables them to stand out in a growing job segment.

2) Better Life Saving Skills Knowledge

ACLS training provides students with in-depth technical knowledge they can use to support patients and deliver comprehensive care. It also ensures you understand how to use advanced equipment that is only available to hospital, clinic and emergency workers to treat patients. Being ACLS certified will also help you feel a lot more confident in your role and be more effective when working in a team, too.

3) Higher Pay Opportunities

Being ACLS certified can lead to you getting a promotion or being paid better than those that are not ACLS certified. Also, many employers who require an ACLS certification offer tuition reimbursement for taking the course.

Online ACLS Certification

Luckily, there are several ways to get ACLS certified these days. As a health-care provider, your schedule tends to be hectic, making it difficult at times to spend a whole day in a class. An online ACLS certification course is the perfect way to get certified and advance your skills. The class format is 80% online and 20% hands-on skills based, allowing to work around your busy schedule.

Considering your ACLS certification? Join the conversation to learn more ways ACLS training can benefit your life and career.