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5 Benefits of Online CPR Classes

More and more companies are requiring their employees to be CPR certified, but these days it seems more and more people have less and less time. This can pose an obstacle to getting things done. This can pose an issue when you want to get your CPR certification. Luckily, there are online CPR classes available now and the perfect answer to busy healthcare professionals and others who are looking to become CPR certified. Need to get CPR certified but can’t find the time? Here are 5 benefits of taking an online CPR training course. Click To Tweet

How Can Online CPR Classes Make Your Life Easier?

An online CPR course is perfect for people with a busy schedule because you can take classes at your leisure with easy access the course and many of the CPR certification courses are recognized by the American Heart Association. Here are five benefits to attaining your CPR training online.

  1. Hybrid Classes
  2. Take at Your Leisure
  3. Easy & Unlimited Access
  4. Interactive Modules
  5. American Heart Association Recognized

1) Hybrid Classes

With online training, classes are set up in a hybrid style. The class format allows for 80% of the course to be done online, while the other 20% is completed hands-on and in-person. This allows you to take a large portion of the course anywhere and anytime you want.

2) Take at Your Leisure

Because 80% of the course is online, this allows you to complete the lecture portion at your own pace and leisure. Take the course in the evening, early mornings, or whenever you have free time. Do an hour a day or whatever you can squeeze in.

3) Easy & Unlimited Access

Because the classes are online, you can easily access the courses on any internet connected device. Take the lecture portion on your cell-phone, laptop, desktop computer, or tablet. And, with unlimited access, you can also go back and revisit certain modules if you need a refresher.

4) Interactive Modules

The online courses are set up in interactive modules which you can take at one or multiple modules at a time. You can also retake modules if you don’t feel like you’ve completely grasped the information.

5) American Heart Association Recognized

Not all online CPR classes are created equal, so make sure the class you sign up for is recognized by the American Heart Association (AHA).

ProTip: An online and American Heart Association approved course is perfect for health professionals needing to take CPR certification and recertification courses.

Online CPR Classes for Your Busy Schedule

Learning CPR only takes a few hours and can make a difference between life and death of a person in need. With an online CPR class, you can fit your training into your schedule. Online courses work well with the busy schedules of Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, Dental Assistants, Paramedics, Security Guards or anyone who is ready to make the important step in becoming CPR certified.

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