Terrific Team Building Exercises Your Employees Will Actually Want to Do

Terrific Team Building Exercises Your Employees Will Actually Want to Do

Building a strong team and work culture is imperative to your business’ success. According to the Gallup poll, 51% of the American workforce is not engaged, and disconnected employees can cost your company a lot of time and money each year. Luckily, there is a way to combat these statistics by reconnecting employees, making them happier, more content, and productivity–and it’s team building activities.

Top Team Building Activities

Happy employees have been found to boost productivity by 12% and leads to 37% greater sales. So how do you get your teams happy and more productive? Foster an office culture in which your team will be happy to be a part of. Team building activities are a terrific way to boost a happier and more productive office environment. Click To Tweet Here are six terrific team-building activities that your employees will actually want to do.

1) Classic Arcades

Over the past few years, classic arcades have made a comeback and are popping up in cities around the country. Let your employees spend some time together battling dragons, racing, or playing pinball. Some adult arcades even have bars and food, so let them enjoy a pint of beer while they play and connect.

2) Office Volunteer Projects

What better way to boost morale and bring a team together than taking on a volunteer project? Working on a project that benefits a cause, or those in need will make your team feel that they are not only doing something to help others but will bring them all closer together in the end. COnsider projects like feeding the elderly with Meals on Wheels. Habitat for Humanity, or another project that speaks to your group.

3) Workplace Safety Training

Having your team go through workplace safety training is a terrific way to not only bring the team together but let them learn something valuable that can be used to save other people’s lives. You can even have group first aid and CPR training come to your workplace!

4) Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are another popular group activity that is showing up in cities everywhere. This fun and competitive activity will get your team working together with their special skills and coordinated problem-solving.

5) Field Trips

Getting out of the office is a perfect way to help boost morale and team productivity. An impromptu field trip is certain to brighten your team’s day. You can get matching t-shirts for everyone and head on out to a park, movie, or anywhere else they can unwind and bond outside of the office.

6) Scavenger Hunts

Having a team scavenger hunt can be a perfect way to bring your team together and raise everyone’s spirits. The hunt can be held at the office or around town. Conjure up an interesting list of booty to be found and after the allotted time, the team who comes back with the most points wins!

Team Building Everyone Enjoys

Each of the above ideas is fun and sure to bring smiles and a new closeness between your crew. Not only will everyone have a memorable time, these team building exercises will also make for a happier office, allowing productivity to soar.

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