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What is an ACLS Certification?

The goal of Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) is to achieve the best possible outcome for individuals who are experiencing a life-threatening event. ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) courses go beyond what the BLS (Basic Life Saving) certification covers. Once students earn their ACLS certification, it is good for two years, at which time, they will need to take a renewal course. Wondering how an ACLS is different than a BLS? Here is a guide to help you learn all about ACLS training and certification. Click To Tweet

Getting certified in Advanced cardiac life-saving (ACLS) is the best way to ensure someone in a life-threatening situation receives the help they need. There are pre-requisites for the class and many times these classes are filled by those in the medical field. Here is some great information if you are wondering if you need to get your ACLS certification.

Who Uses ACLS?

ACLS certification courses are almost always exclusively made up of healthcare workers, and strong medical knowledge is needed. In addition to nurses, you might find paramedics, physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals taking the course.

ProTip: Nurses who work in emergency rooms and urgent care facilities are more likely to apply their ACLS training on a regular basis since many cardiac-related emergencies and other life-threatening medical situations are usually sent to these type of facilities first.

Why Get ACLS Certified?

ACLS training is designed to bring medical professionals beyond basic life support skills to provide more in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of advanced life support. It also provides training in basic drug therapy, as well as effective team dynamics to improve patient outcomes by teaching them how to maintain neurological function during cardiac-related events, such as with heart attacks or strokes.

ACLS Course Pre-Requisites

There are course pre-requisites for attaining your ACLS certification, such as:

  • Current American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR Card
  • Basic knowledge of rhythm reading
  • Basic knowledge of cardiac pharmacology
  • Must have the latest American Heart Association ACLS book

Online ACLS Certification Courses

If you are a healthcare provider, you understand just how hectic life can be and it can be difficult to work in ACLS training into your schedule. Luckily, new technologies have allowed the ability to take your training course online. An online ACLS class is perfect for busy individuals and lets them take 80% of the course online at their own leisure and the other 20% is hands-on and skills based. This gives the student the option to take the online part anytime and anywhere.

If you are a health professional or just want to get further CPR training, join the conversation to learn more about getting certified online or in-person today.