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Where to Take CPR Classes in Houston

Houston is a huge city and there are a ton of different options for attaining your CPR certification. CPR is important for everyone to learn and can help save the lives of those who suffer cardiac arrest or another life-threatening emergency. So, which places have the best classes? Ready to get CPR certified but unsure where to go? Here's everything you need to know about taking CPR classes in the Houston area. Click To Tweet

While you can find and take CPR classes at many places like local YMCA’s, Fire Departments, and the Junior League, sometimes it’s best to choose a premier provider who offers a comprehensive learning environment with an advanced skills lab and decades of training experience.

Local YMCA

Many local YMCA’s offer CPR training courses, but many times these classes are not regularly scheduled and only happen occasionally.

Fire Department

Likewise, fire departments also tend to hold community CPR training, but similar to YMCA’s, classes might only be held once a month and might not fit into your schedule.

Junior League

The Junior League teaches BLS courses (basic life saving) but does not teach any advanced classes, first aid training, or classes in Spanish.

CPR Training Companies

You need to be careful when choosing just any CPR training company. Some may not be approved by the American Heart Association, and they might not have instructors with much background or training in life-saving.

ProTip: It is best to find a place that can accomodate your schedule and also guarentee that you are getting top training, as well as the CPR training course you need.

Health Street

Health Street is the ideal place to get CPR certified because not only do they have an advanced skills lab with highly trained and qualified teachers, they also offer an array of classes and formats. Along with the basic CPR class, they also offer Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and a wide variety of other CPR and First Aid classes. Health Street also have the option to take your training class through a hybrid, online format. This online CPR training lets you take the lecture portion at your own time and convenience and take the other skills portion in-person with knowledgable teachers. Lastly, if you are in need of a Spanish CPR class, they have that available, as well.

Choosing the Best CPR Classes in Houston

Health Street can is the perfect place to go if you are in the Houston area and looking to get CPR certified. You can always make sure you are getting the proper training at the best time for your schedule–whether you take an in-person or online course.

Ready to sign up for a CPR class? Join the conversation and learn why Health Street is the number one place to get CPR certified in Houston.