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Health Street’s Response to COVID-19

As the coronavirus continues to impact the world, many businesses are left wondering how to continue running, if at all. Things become even more challenging when the business requires people to be physically present–such as meeting for a CPR class. At Health Street, we recognize the importance of first aid training regardless of circumstances and are working hard to keep our clients safe.

With the continual development of COVID-19, Health Street has been committed to following federal and local guidelines to ensure a safe learning environment for all of our students. We have implemented pre-class screening and urge all of our students to follow the screening process. We have also developed detailed plans for handling sanitization and reasonable social distancing during our classes. Here’s a quick overview of our plans.

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Classroom Safety

We will still be hosting in-person classes, though with several changes to ensure safety. No more than 10 students will be allowed in each class at a time. We will also not be practicing mouth-to-mouth or face shield procedures for now. Before and after each class, we will disinfect the classroom, mannequins, door handles, and all other frequently used objects in the room with alcohol. We will also provide sanitizing alcohol spray for students to use as an alternative to hand sanitizer. It’s recommended, though not required, for every student to wear a mask to class as well. Finally, before any student may join an in-person class, they must first go through a COVID-19 screening.

Our Coronavirus Screening Plan

Our coronavirus screening consists of the following questions:

  • Have you or anyone you have been in constant contact with had a fever within the past 30 days?
  • Have you or anyone you have been in constant contact with traveled outside the US within the past 30 days?
  • Have you or anyone you have been in constant contact with had any signs of feeling sick, fatigue, or dry cough within the past 30 days?
  • Have you or anyone you have been in contact with been around a COVID-19 patient?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we strongly encourage you to explore alternatives for your CPR training. Call us to reschedule your CPR training to a later date for free, or take one of our online courses instead. If you take an online course, contact us 30 days before the pre-screening and we will schedule your final in-person test as soon as it’s safe to do so

Pro Tip: The American Heart Association has extended the expiration date of your first aid license by 60 days. Unless you urgently need to renew, we encourage you to take advantage of this grace period and stay safe.

Stay Safe and Healthy

We are doing our best to protect you and our community from the spread of the disease. As important as first aid classes are, preventing the immediate spread of COVID-19 is more urgent. We hope to provide you with the training you need while also keeping you safe.

Connect with us for further updates on our class schedule.