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3 Options to Get CPR Certified

CPR certification provides you with the necessary skills to intervene in an emergency situation. While even a cursory knowledge of CPR is better than none, taking an official class provides you with more detailed knowledge and the chance to practice your skills. But in today’s busy world, can you afford the time and effort to dedicate to a multi-hour class?

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A Variety of Choices for Certification

Thankfully, you have plenty of options for where to take CPR classes now. While an in-person class is still generally regarded as the best choice, you can opt for an online class or another non-traditional format. The wide variety of available CPR classes include:

  1. Online classes
  2. Group classes
  3. EMS classes

1) Online Classes

For a busy person looking to learn first aid, an online course is probably the best choice. You can move through the lesson material as quickly or as slowly as you can and repeat any lesson you couldn’t understand. Best of all, you’ll learn the exact same material! An online course brings all the knowledge of CPR straight to you.

Pro Tip: No online CPR class is completely remote. To receive your certificate and pass the final test, you’ll need to schedule an in-person visit to demonstrate on a mannequin.

2) Group Classes

Bring CPR certification to your workplace or organization with a group CPR course. You can opt to travel to an on-campus course or have the instructors come to you with all the practice equipment you’ll need. Not only will this fulfill most employers’ required CPR training, but it will also provide crucial first aid skills applicable in many different emergency situations.

3) EMS Classes

For anyone in training to become an EMT, an EMS-level CPR course is an excellent choice. You’ll learn all the basic principles of first aid and emergency care at an expert level perfect for an emergency responder. This class is a critical part of any future EMT’s training.

CPR and First Aid Training

No matter your schedule or preferences, you can find a CPR class that fits your needs and provides you the chance to learn emergency first aid. Even if you aren’t required to get certified, learning how to potentially save a life is always an excellent use of time.

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