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4 Benefits of CPR Training in the Workplace

CPR and first aid training can be lifesavers for your employees! In fact, many workplaces require basic first aid instruction for everyone. Even if yours doesn’t, it’s still a good idea to schedule a group CPR certification course and make sure everyone is ready to potentially save a life.

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Benefits of Workplace Training

CPR training organizations offer workplace sessions designed to fit your needs. With many different types of lessons available, you’re sure to find the best class for your employees. Several key benefits of workplace training include:

  1. Flexible schedule
  2. Choice of location
  3. Onsite certificate printing
  4. Discounted family classes

1) Flexible Schedule

You’ll have to dedicate a significant portion of your workday to this CPR class, but you get to pick when the class happens. Pick a time that works for you and your employees. The training organization will accommodate your requests and schedule the class at the best time for you.

2) Choice of Location

Depending on your preference, you can take your employees to the training facility or ask the teachers to come to you. Either way, you get to practice with the same equipment and mannequins for CPR training. It ultimately depends on your preference and any time restrictions you may have.

3) Onsite Certificate Printing

Upon successfully completing the course, your employees will earn a certificate showing they were trained by a professional. A workplace group class can provide that certificate immediately! The instructor will print one for each employee onsite. This also ensures that the certificates can easily be replaced if one is lost or damaged–just ask for another to be printed.

4) Discounted Family Classes

Don’t forget your employees’ families in the training! Family members can also receive their certification at a discounted rate. This benefit could particularly help parents of small children. If your child starts choking or displays signs of danger, the more you know about immediate first aid, the better!

Pro Tip: If your family is taking CPR courses, ask about specialized classes such as infant CPR. This will help you find the training most relevant to your needs.

Prepare for the Worst

Medical emergencies can occur anytime, anywhere. It’s very likely that one of your employees will require first aid during work hours. The best way to ensure a bad situation doesn’t turn worse is to make sure your entire staff knows the proper CPR procedures in the event of an emergency.

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