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Group CPR Training for Healthcare Professionals

It almost goes without saying that doctors, nurses, and others in the healthcare field need to take excellent CPR courses. After all, patients trust them to provide quality care and emergency help in any situation. CPR training is a must for healthcare professionals.

The question is less focused on whether or not healthcare professionals should take CPR classes at all and more focused on which classes are best. The answer depends on the doctor’s specialty, clientele, and the level of training they’ve already completed. Before signing up for any classes, see which of the three best professional-focused classes is right for you.

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Basic Life Support (BLS)

This class offers the knowledge necessary to keep a patient stable until an ambulance arrives or more advanced professionals can take over. Students will learn CPR, AED usage, and rescue breaths. This course is generally the prerequisite to more advanced classes, so if you’re planning to learn the advanced techniques, start here.

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)

An advanced life support class reviews the knowledge from the BLS and adds lessons on stroke care, managing respiratory arrest, and other more advanced first aid techniques. Doctors and paramedics will benefit the most from this class. Take the initial course or renew your certification here.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

While an ACLS focuses on first aid for adults, the PALS applies the same advanced techniques to caring for children. Students will learn slightly modified versions of CPR, AED usage, and more critical skills designed for a small child’s body to handle safely. Like the ACLS, this class is also available in its initial form or as a renewal.

Pro Tip: All three types of classes are also available online. If your educational institution or employer will accept online certification, see if that’s the best option for your schedule.

CPR Training for Professionals

As a member of the healthcare field, you have a responsibility to pursue the best training available to be ready to help your patients. These life-saving skills are a crucial part of your job. Make sure you find the correct class to learn from.

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