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The Importance of CPR Training for Employees

Did you know that more than 350,000 cardiac arrests happen outside of the hospital? A person’s best chance of surviving a cardiac arrest is CPR from someone nearby– that could be a reality for your employees. Would they be prepared to give CPR in an emergency situation? While some may have training, chances are, most of your team members don’t know how to handle a sudden cardiac arrest event.

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CPR Training for employees can save lives, improve workplace safety, increase worker confidence, and takes crucial skills outside of the office into the community. Learn more about the importance of annual CPR training for your team members.

Save Lives

First and foremost, CPR training saves lives. In one year, 475,000 people in the U.S. die from cardiac arrest, according to The American Heart Association. Across the world, more people die from cardiac arrest than certain kinds of cancer and even car accidents. With such staggering statistics, equipping people with the power to save a life has never been more crucial.

Safety at Work

Would an employee know what to do if their coworker needed CPR? Most likely, the answer is no. Many people outside of the healthcare field don’t understand the importance of learning CPR skills. Although it’s a simple process, there are certain steps that have to be done in order to correctly administer life support to an unconscious individual. Group health and safety training gives your workers peace of mind and safety at work.

Pro Tip: Equipping your team with life-saving abilities creates a much safer workplace for everyone.

A Tool That Goes Beyond the Office  

While CPR classes are beneficial in the workplace, the training learned goes far beyond the walls of your office. Employees will take that knowledge to their home and carry it around everywhere they go. Learning CPR helps your whole community by arming residents with the tools needed to save a life, no matter where they are.

Increase Employee Confidence

When employees feel confident, their work productivity is sure to skyrocket. Providing a day of CPR group training every year can build that confidence in knowing that if they ever went into cardiac arrest at the office, there would always be someone nearby to assist. It helps build trust among team members and helps them rely on each other, traits that will carry on into their work as well.

Workplace Safety Training

Simply by learning the skills to correctly perform CPR, your employees have the ability to save someone’s life–an undeniable advantage.

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