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Why Choose Online CPR Courses for Healthcare Providers

Any healthcare provider knows the critical role CPR plays in potentially saving someone’s life. This is one class you should absolutely not avoid or cut corners on. However, some people simply can’t afford the time or money to take a traditional CPR certification course and look for alternatives. Fortunately, CPR training has adapted with the times and many reputable sources now offer online cpr courses for healthcare providers and laypeople alike.

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Advantages of Online CPR Classes

Since CPR training requires some hands-on practice, no CPR class will be exclusively online. However, online classes can give you the foundation you need to pass the final bit of physical tests and allow you to learn at your own pace. The main advantages to an online CPR course include:

  1. Self-pacing
  2. Learn CPR from your couch
  3. Digital accreditation

1) Self-Pacing

An online training course allows you to write your own class schedule. If you need to take a sick day or get more important work done first, the course will be waiting for you when you return. You can also repeat lessons as necessary until you understand, without waiting for a teacher to get back to you or spending hours in a classroom. Online CPR classes fit perfectly with any schedule or learning style.

2) Learn CPR From Your Couch

With a remote CPR course, you can do homework anywhere you have an internet connection. Use the public library wifi or study in your pajamas at home! You also won’t have to spend your valuable time and gas money on driving to and from in-person classes. As long as you learn the material, your location doesn’t matter.

3) Digital Accreditation

One of the marks of a legitimate CPR course is receiving a certification card upon completion. An online course allows you to access this card digitally and print it at your leisure. This also makes the card easy to replace if it’s damaged or lost. You’ll always have access to your certificate on your course website.

Pro Tip: If you’re taking an online CPR course for work, ask your employer if they will accept online accreditation. Most will, but some will require more.

Choose the Best Option for You

Some people learn better with hands-on experience and observing a teacher. Others flourish on pacing themselves independently and studying whenever they have a free moment. Since either option for a CPR course is more than legitimate, the choice is ultimately up to you. An online CPR course is just as likely to prepare you to save someone’s life as a traditional one.

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