Options for Renewing Your CPR Certification

CPR is a relatively easy but remarkably important skill to learn. This simple procedure has saved countless lives! But despite how easy it is to learn CPR, just like any lesson, people can forget with time. In an emergency situation, you might forget anything from how often to administer mouth-to-mouth breaths to making sure the victim’s airway is open. That’s why it’s so important that every so often, you take the time to renew your CPR certification.

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Renew Your CPR Certification

Memories of CPR lessons fade with time, just like any lessons do. This can put you at a severe disadvantage in an emergency situation if you can’t remember what to do. Fortunately, you have several easy options to renew your certification quickly and ensure you know how to save a life:

  1. Recertification courses
  2. Refresher courses
  3. Online certification

1) Recertification Courses

CPR, ACLS, or BLS certifications need to be renewed every two years. When it’s time to renew, you’ll just need to enroll in a typical class again to fulfill the legal requirement. While this may only be legally required for those in the healthcare field or fulfilling a work requirement, it never hurts to keep your certification up to date.

Pro Tip: If your job involves working with small children, you’ll probably want to take a pediatric first aid class in addition to whatever your certification requires for renewal. 

2) Refresher Courses

Depending on your needs, a refresher course could take two forms. For someone who needs the certification, it could mean simply taking the recertification course a little early to keep their skills fresh. On the other hand, maybe you don’t necessarily need the official certification but just want to remind yourself of how to perform basic first aid. If this is the case for you, you may just need a basic class. Keep your knowledge fresh without investing the additional amounts of time and money required for an actual certificate.

3) Online Certification

What if you can’t dedicate enough time to finish the recertification class immediately? Why not try an online course? An internet-based course can cover material as basic or advanced as you need, and you can complete the lessons on your own time before the final test. Online CPR courses are the perfect choice for busy professionals who still need a license renewal.

Keep Your Knowledge Fresh

While forgetting something like how to do math problems may be annoying, forgetting how to perform a lifesaving maneuver like CPR could have deadly consequences. It’s easy enough to invest a little time and money into CPR recertification to make sure your knowledge stays fresh in your mind. Renew your CPR certification and be ready for anything!

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