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What Will a Group CPR Class Teach You?

A group CPR class is different from a one-on-one lesson or even an online course, so it’s only natural that you may be wondering what a group CPR class will teach you. If you’re considering signing up but stuck wondering, “What will I learn in a CPR class?”, this blog is for you.

A CPR class will teach you basic first aid, the different forms of CPR, your legal obligations and protections under the Good Samaritan Act, and much more. Let’s take a detailed look at what else most group CPR classes will teach you.

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The Importance of CPR

Your teachers will spend a great deal of time explaining the importance of CPR in an emergency situation. Although it’s no guarantee of saving a life, since CPR on its own can’t restart someone’s heart, performing CPR forces the victim’s blood to keep circulating until help can arrive. You’ll learn the chances of the victim’s survival, how to contact emergency services the fastest, and more crucial details about this potentially lifesaving procedure.

Basic CPR Techniques

Of course, you’ll also learn basic CPR and life support techniques. You’ll have the chance to practice chest compressions, rescue breaths, and AED usage on specially designed practice mannequins until you’re comfortable with the routine. In addition to CPR, you’ll also learn valuable first aid skills in general, such as:

  • The recovery position
  • Identifying a stroke
  • Stopping a bleeding wound

Modified CPR Techniques

Not all CPR techniques are created equal. Most courses will also include at least a brief lesson on modified CPR designed for infants, small children, and other people (such as pregnant women) who may need a different type of emergency care. Conventional CPR can break ribs in fully grown, healthy adults, and performing less-than-gentle lifesaving techniques on someone with a fragile body can only result in further injury. Make sure you know how to help someone in need of these modified techniques.

Pro Tip: Modified CPR techniques are especially important to know if you’re entering a career field that has you interacting with small children at and-risk individuals. Pay particular attention during this part of your course!

CPR Certification Courses

Sudden cardiac arrest rarely gives a warning sign. CPR aside, you never know when a medical emergency will strike and you need to be prepared to handle it. The workplace is a remarkably common place for an emergency to occur. Signing up for a group CPR class will ensure you’re ready for whatever life throws at you.

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