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How to Get CPR Certified Online

As the Internet of Things (IoT) has changed our society, online education is growing more and more popular. This even applies to traditionally in-house education like CPR training. Providing both a self-paced learning style and an undeniably convenient approach to learning first aid, online courses give everyone a chance to learn how to save someone’s life.

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Where Do I Get Started with Online CPR?

Ultimately, learning CPR will require some hands-on practice, so no course will be done exclusively over the internet. But passing the internet-based portion of the class will more than prepare you to earn your first aid certification. All you have to do is complete these steps:

  1. Find a good online course
  2. Complete all the lessons
  3. Pass the in-house portion
  4. Print your certification card

1) Find a Good Online Course

Make sure you take the class through a trustworthy CPR training program. While plenty of clinics and schools offer online CPR certification, not all of them are considered valid by medical experts. Ultimately, an unaccredited certification is worthless. Make sure that the class you choose offers quality instruction and that your resulting certificate is valid.

2) Complete All the Lessons

Once you’re registered, start studying! Think of this class as a short continuation of college. Study when and where you can. Additionally, take advantage of the flexible schedule online CPR training offers you. If you need three days to read one page of course materials, or need to repeat a portion of the lesson, do it. The most important thing is making sure you know the information, not progressing through it by a certain time.

3) Pass the In-House Portion

The final step in your CPR training is demonstrating your new knowledge on a mannequin in front of a qualified instructor. Your course information should tell you when and where to go to complete this part.

Pro Tip: Practice chest compressions on a pillow or stuffed animal to perfect your CPR hand position.

4) Print Your Certification Card

Once you have completed the course, your wallet card will either be mailed to you or sent electronically. You will have to print an electronic card yourself. However, this also allows you to replace a lost or damaged card very easily, or attach it as a file to relevant emails or job applications.

Be Ready to Use Your Training

If someone experiences cardiac arrest, immediate CPR can double or triple their chances of survival. Knowing CPR may not make you a doctor, but it could help you save someone’s life someday. This is not a course to take lightly. Choose the best class you can find and study diligently to pass.

Looking for someone to study with? Join the conversation and see what other people are doing in their online CPR courses.