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Is Online CPR Training Valid?

If you’re looking for CPR classes, you’ve probably seen advertisements for online certification courses. As long as those ads are offered by a reputable source, rest assured the idea of online CPR training courses is quite legitimate. A certification card is just as nationally accepted whether you earned it in a physical or online class.

Traditional CPR courses offer the same training, certification, and accreditation as an online class. However, you should be aware of a few potential differences between the two types of classes. Depending on how these different teaching styles affect your schedule and education, you can decide which format is better for you.

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Course Content

CPR is a very widely known form of first aid, so most CPR classes will largely teach the same basic principles. Some might go into more detail about the process or provide helpful hints to remember the important parts. Meanwhile, a traditional course might offer training with additional first aid equipment that an online class can’t do remotely. It all depends on the level of training you need or want.

Pro Tip: Remember no legitimate online CPR course is 100% online. You will always be required to come to a physical location to demonstrate CPR and receive your certificate.

Different Time Requirements

In a conventional class setting, you’ll commit to attending for a few hours, demonstrate what you’ve learned, and take your certificate home when you’re done. An online course, on the other hand, allows you to plan your CPR classes around your schedule and repeat any lessons as necessary. While you do still have to complete all the material and demonstrate your new skills, your schedule is up to you.

Valid Certification

Both an online and traditional course will provide you with a CPR certificate upon completion. If you’re taking this course to fulfill a requirement for work or school, make sure this certificate is sufficient to meet the requirement. In theory, you’ll have learned the same skills either way. Unfortunately, some institutions are still skeptical of online training and will only accept certificates from an in-person course. Make sure you know which type of class your institution prefers.

Learning How to Save Lives

Whether you’re a healthcare provider or not, CPR is a critically important skill to learn. Whether you choose an online or in-person class, remember that what you’re learning could potentially save a life someday. This is one class you should definitely pay attention in.

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