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The Facts About Online CPR Classes

Many career fields will either require or highly recommend that their employees receive proper CPR certification. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to dedicate multiple hours to a conventional sit-down first aid course. And the possibility of receiving your certification online, while it seems convenient, does raise an important question: are online CPR classes legitimate?

CPR is best taught through hands-on training and practice, so a conventional class setting is generally preferable. However, online classes provide the same knowledge and require the same level of skill to pass, meaning that your online first aid certificate is completely legitimate as long as it comes from a trustworthy source. Let’s take a closer look at the facts about online CPR training.

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Different Approach to Training

Having a trained CPRologist help you practice the CPR skills that you’re learning is a key feature of getting your CPR certification. With online courses, however, it’s just you and the training course. Many CPR online courses offer video demonstrations and instructional guides to compensate for the lack of hands-on training. While it may be a different approach to traditional CPR training, it’s still a verified option for those who prefer independent learning.

Pro Tip: Check with your employer before signing up for an online CPR class to make sure it will be accepted. Healthcare organizations, specifically, may require you to attend an in-persn certification program.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Unlike most CPR and First Aid courses, online classes offer flexible scheduling and open enrollment. Whether you’re short on time or need basic life support skills quickly, online classes are available year-round. For many laypersons who are learning CPR for self-development, online CPR classes are a great way to gain hands-on skills in the comfort of your own home.

Receiving Your Certificate

Unfortunately, the American Heart Association guidelines currently do not validate online CPR training. To receive an AHA approved certification card, you must attend an in-person certification program that includes a hands-on skills assessment.

That being said, you will receive a CPR certification of completion at the end of your online course and will be mailed a physical Provider card. If the CPR course has been accredited with AHA or American Red Cross, your institution may or may not validate it. While many websites will offer a 100% money-back guarantee if it is denied, it’s important to know the facts beforehand.

Completing an Online CPR Course

Online CPR certification is not always the best choice for everyone. If at all possible, it’s generally better to experience hands-on training for CPR and basic first aid. However, if you don’t have the time for a conventional class and an online certificate works fine for your purposes, why not go for it? Get the training you need to intervene in an emergency.

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