Heartsaver First Aid Only

Heartsaver First Aid Only




Who needs this class?
This class is for a lay person wishing to learn different First Aid techniques

Typical Audience:
Teachers, Fitness instructors, security guards, babysitters, day care workers, construction workers, Safety professionals, or any one wising to learn first aid.

Course Description:
Heartsaver First Aid course is an American Heart Association course that is taught by experienced CPROLOGIST. The class is about 3 hours long and comes with two years, same day certification.

Steps of taking the course:
First Aid basics: Learn the skills of being safe while rendering aid, Learn how to put and take off gloves safely, and how to assess the scene and call for help.

Medical Emergencies: Learn how to manage a variety of medical emergencies including, Asthma, Diabetics, Allergic Reactions, Heart Attacks, Stroke, Seizures and Shock.

Injury Emergencies:Learn how to manage bleeding, Splinting, Burns and electrical Injuries, Head, neck and spine injuries, and managing wounds.

Environmental Emergencies: Learn how to manage Bites, Stings, Heat related emergencies, cold related emergencies poisoning and overdose.