Safe Sitter (One Day with CPR)

Safe Sitter (One Day with CPR)




Who needs this class? This class is designed for young teenagers between the age of 11-14 years old.

Course Description:
Safe Sitter® is a medically accurate, competency-based, highly structured babysitting preparation course designed for young adolescents. The curriculum, written by a pediatrician, is presented in sections.
Teaching methodology includes hands-on manikin practice, small group interactive learning, role-playing, and games.
All teaching sites utilize trained and experienced CPROLOGIST, with real life experience in saving life’s.

Class content:

  • Care of Choking Infant/Child – Students learn what to do if an infant or child chokes.
    Each student is individually tested in these procedures, using CPR manikins.
  • Infant and Child CPR – Students in 1-day with CPR courses learn CPR techniques.
  • Injury Prevention and Injury Management – Students learn a system to enable them
    to evaluate the severity and urgency of a problem and to determine how to get help.
    Administering basic first aid for minor problems is also included in this section.
    Students learn how to prevent injuries by learning how, why, and where injuries can
  • Safety for the Sitter – All aspects of staying safe are discussed for babysitters and the
    children in their care. Students learn how to react to a variety of threatening situations
    from power failures to prowlers. For personal safety, they are taught strategies to use if
    they need to be picked up immediately from a babysitting job.
  • Child Care Essentials – Students learn the basics of child development from infants
    to school age children. Practice is included for such skills as feeding and diapering.
    Nurturing child care techniques are emphasized.
  • Behavior Management – Students learn how to prevent problem behavior in addition
    to a system to determine the severity and urgency of the problem behavior. They also
    learn how and when to call for help when managing problem behavior.
  • Babysitting as a Business – The responsibilities of running a business are discussed
    – everything from setting fees to ethical considerations. Students learn how to screen
    jobs for safety, how to judge their own babysitting abilities, what information to leave
    with their own parents, and what information to get from their employers. This section is
    condensed in Safe Sitter® (1-day with CPR).

Class Requirement:
No pre requisites for taking the class. The course include a student book and a complimentary lunch for our students. The course is held at our office with trained CPROLOGIST® on site. Our staff will stay with all kids until all kids are picked up by an authorized legal guardian at the end of class. A waiver form must be signed by a legal guardian prior to students attending the class.