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Should Workplaces Offer CPR Classes in Spanish?

In a matter of minutes, a medical emergency could occur in your workplace. Will you and all of your employees be prepared to respond? What about your Spanish speaking team members? To minimize miscommunication and confusion, providing CPR classes in Spanish and English is important to keep your team unified. If a tragedy were to strike, knowing that all of your employees can respond appropriately is a great comfort.

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3 Reasons for Spanish CPR Training at Work

Are you unsure if Spanish CPR training is right for your workplace? It’s important to ensure that every member on your team, Spanish or English speaking, can earn the life-saving skills of CPR. Not only will it help them in the future, but it will better equip your entire staff to handle a crisis. Consider these reasons to accommodate Spanish speaking employees in your business.

  1. Every Employee is Unique
  2. CPR Training Shouldn’t Be Confusing
  3. Everyone is Involved in a Safety Plan

1) Every Employee is Unique

If you offer a CPR class that can accommodate your Spanish speaking employees, your team will notice and appreciate your thoughtfulness. Each of your employees has a different background and learning style. Support their learning needs, and your steps toward safety training will be received more positively.

2) CPR Training Shouldn’t Be Confusing

Even with English as a second language, certain terms can get confused by bilingual students. Without the right type of training, CPR classes and certification could become difficult. Offer a Spanish CPR class to take the guesswork out the lessons and give your employees the confidence needed to learn this newfound skill.

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3) Everyone is Involved in a Safety Plan

If you’re creating safety precautions for your team to follow, it’s important for everyone to be on the same page. By offering CPR training classes in Spanish, you can ensure that every person has been certified with the same skills and practices. If a crisis were to happen, your entire team will be able to respond more quickly and efficiently.

Houston CPR Classes in Espanol

If you’re looking for an AHA-Certified CPR class with Spanish instructors, our training center in the Houston area offers two different classes. With one-on-one support and live demonstrations, our trained CPRologists will ensure that your employees are given the right CPR skills and knowledge. Our Spanish classes currently include:

Get CPR Certified in Houston, TX

Depending on your profession, CPR certification may or may not be required for all of your employees. That being said, learning CPR is a valuable skill that anyone, English or Spanish speakers, should learn.

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