I love this course! I was pleasantly surprised for how much I did love it. Not only was it informative but it was fun; something a lot of classes don’t do that well. Amazing lecturer and I would, gladly, take another class.I just completed the course; only awaiting my certificate.

Kristina Bogovic

So informative. Priscilla is funny and accommodating. And she gave us free pizza..i learned a lot. Hopefully next time there are free brochure, or handbooks that we can bring home and read so we don’t forget the class we took.

Chessyr Verde

Our girl scout troop completed the Safe Sitter class at Health Street and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great location, great class, and great instructor!

Winnie Youngblood

Excellent staff and course. Keep up the wonderful work. Priscilla Lopez is so amazing. Priscilla does a fantastic job.

Pamela Phillips