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Essential Health Resources in the Houston Area

First aid is a critical skill to have in an emergency situation. As history has proven, fast intervention can save lives. But what about ongoing, everyday healthcare? Far too many people don’t have access to affordable, quality healthcare on a regular basis. Fortunately, several organizations in Houston are working to fix that problem.

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Houston-Based Health Resources

From financial assistance with medical bills to mental health services and much more, Houston hosts a wide spectrum of organizations dedicated to providing quality healthcare services to underserved citizens. Here are just a few ways they can help you:

  1. Substance abuse recovery & mental health
  2. Financial assistance
  3. Insurance advocacy
  4. Community healthcare

1) Substance Abuse Recovery & Mental Health

Substance abuse frequently comes hand-in-hand with mental health struggles. Most organizations designed to handle substance abuse also specialize in mental health support as they help both your mind and body recover. A few organizations to check out include:

Pro Tip: Many mental health or substance abuse recovery organizations offer services to their patients’ loved ones as well. See if any of their services will help you on your own road to recovery.

2) Financial Assistance

Not everyone can afford health insurance, and even fewer people can afford the high costs of healthcare without insurance. Fortunately, several organizations are working to fix that. Low-income or underserved families can find financial assistance, affordable insurance rates, and more through organizations such as:

3) Insurance Advocacy

Families who do have insurance can still run into roadblocks. Fine print, network restrictions, incorrect bills, and other problems may delay crucial treatment or cause financial distress to the patient. That’s why several Houston- or Texas-based groups are dedicated to helping families navigate confusing insurance language and get their loved ones the treatment they need. Helpful groups include:

4) Community Healthcare

Finally, several clinics are dedicated to providing high-quality, low-cost healthcare for anyone who needs it. Other organizations will refer you to one of these clinics for treatment. Resources to investigate include:

Finding the Help You Need

Everyone needs access to quality, affordable healthcare regardless of their circumstances. These Houston-based organizations and many more are ready to provide the help you need in many different areas. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you or a loved one need help.

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