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CPR Recertification: How Do I Renew My CPR Card?

Have you looked at your CPR certification card recently? Every two years, the card you received at your CPR training expires. Whether you’re a layperson needing a refresher or a healthcare professional renewing for your medical license, it’s vital to keep your certification updated. 

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If you receive accredited CPR training by the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, or similar organization, your certification matters and can save lives. The skills learned during your CPR and first aid training are valuable, especially if someone near you were to suffer from cardiac arrest. In order for you to respond quickly during a crisis, consistent and updated CPR training is necessary.

Who Needs to be Recertified in CPR?

CPR and first aid certification are offered to all groups of people, but you may wonder whether it’s actually required for laypersons to get their cards renewed.

In the case of grandparents, babysitters, students, or thoughtful citizens, CPR recertification may not be required. That being said, the expiration date could be a helpful reminder for laypersons to sign up for a refresher course. Emergency situations don’t usually happen on a daily basis, so it’s important to keep your basic life support skills maintained if a crisis were to occur.

On the other hand, healthcare professionals or employees required by their workplace or State Licensure Board to obtain CPR certification must renew their CPR cards every two years. Neglecting to renew their certification could result in a number of problems, including the loss of their job or license.

Pro Tip: Renew your CPR certification at least six months before the expiration date to allow enough time for processing and the mailing of a new wallet card.

How to Renew Your CPR Certification?

If your CPR card has expired or is getting close to expiring, it’s crucial for you to seek CPR and first aid recertification. With the arrival of new technology and online resources, there are three different CPR renewal courses for you to choose from.

  • 100% Online – If you have a busy schedule or don’t have a CPR training center near you, online CPR renewal is a great option. Containing online video demonstrations and a final skills test, you can renew your certification quickly in the comfort of your home.
  • Blended Training – For those who would rather study on their own and still receive hands-on training, combining online CPR certification with classroom training is an alternative to consider.
  • Classroom Instruction – If you’d rather go the traditional route, CPR training in a classroom is also available. Spend a full day learning CPR and first aid practices with trained CPRologists by your side ready to assist.

CPR Certification or Recertification in Houston

Have you received the life-saving skill of CPR? Be prepared to assist those around you by preserving your knowledge with updated CPR training. Our training center offers a number of CPR certification courses to give you the confidence to handle a crisis near you.

Do you need to renew your CPR card? Connect with our CPRologists to find the best renewal course for your learning style.