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What to Look for in a Group CPR Class

In a group CPR class, lessons will consist of everything from basic CPR to identifying stroke symptoms. There likely won’t be any surprises. However, there are several things aside from the lessons themselves to pay attention to in a group CPR class.

Everyone knows how important knowledge of CPR and first aid can be. Since this knowledge isn’t something you can truly get without proper training, it naturally follows that it’s essential to find a trustworthy class and instructor for your first aid education. Here are a few essential things to make sure your group CPR class has before you sign up.

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Instructors with Hands-On Experience

You wouldn’t take a driving class from someone without a driver’s license. Likewise, you should never take a CPR or first aid class from someone who’s never been properly trained themselves. Find instructors with plenty of experience in the medical field. A doctor, nurse, or EMT is far more likely to give good instruction to a group class than a medical intern.

Approved Programs

The American Heart Association and American Safety and Health Institute give their seals of approval to the best classes that meet high standards of instruction, experience, and practice. Did they approve the group class you’re contemplating? If not, you may want to rethink your choice.

Pro Tip: The level of instruction you need for a group class will vary. If your job or work environment only require basic skills, you’re probably fine. However, ask about advanced group classes if you think your work environment makes them necessary.

Ease of Accessibility

Emergency training should be accessible to any and all potential customers. See if the group course will travel to your workplace so no one has to drive too far. Additionally, ask how flexible they are around your work schedule, whether they offer Spanish CPR classes for those who need them, and ask them to address any more concerns you may have. Keep looking until you find a class that can meet all your needs.

Finding a Trustworthy First Aid Program

Given how important first aid skills can be in an emergency situation, it’s only natural that you should learn from the best. Don’t just settle for the first CPR course you find. Keep looking until you find one with highly trained instructors, excellent certification, and just the right level of instruction for your learning level.

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