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What To Look For In An Online CPR Class

Everyone seems to be so busy these days and finding time to spend an afternoon getting CPR certified can be tricky to work in. Luckily, new and evolving technology has made it a lot easier to find education courses and get CPR certified online. But it is important to realize that not all online CPR classes are created equal. Looking to become certified in CPR and wondering if you should do it online? Be sure to look for these 5 requirements before you sign up for any class. Click To Tweet

What Should You Be Looking for In An Online CPR Class?

If you are searching for an online CPR certification course, make sure that the online training program is accepted by your employer, is approved by the American Heart Association and has highly qualified instructors you can reach to ask questions.  

  1. Employer Accepted
  2. AHA Approved
  3. Qualified Instructors
  4. Hybrid Courses
  5. Diverse Course Offerings

1) Employer Accepted

More and more employers are requiring their employees to be CPR certified. This is especially true if you’re a nurse, dentist, security guard, or other medical professionals. Not all online classes are accepted by employers so make sure to inquire about their requirements for the course and that the course you’ve chosen is on the approved list.

2) AHA Approved

Be sure to research online CPR classes and make sure the course you want to take is approved by or based on courses associated with the American Heart Association (AHA). An AHA approved course is also more likely to be accepted by your employer, as well.

3) Qualified Instructors

When choosing an online CPR training course, do some research and learn about the instructors. You want to find a school that has qualified instructors with hands-on experience in the emergency or other health fields.  

4) Hybrid Courses

There are so many different online CPR training courses out there, but you want to be sure to find one that allows you to actually talk to a human if you need to. That’s why it’s important to find a hybrid-style online CPR class. A class in this format allows you to complete the lecture hours at your own convenience and then the skills and assessment in person with qualified instructors.

5) Diverse Course Offerings

If the online CPR school does not offer a diverse range of classes, you should consider looking elsewhere. Look to see if they offer options like basic life support (BLS), advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), pediatric life support (PALS), as well as first aid and AED courses.

ProTip: When looking for online CPR courses, find a school that offers a diverse array of classes–it’s a good sign they have in-depth expertise.

Choosing the Best Online CPR Course

When looking for an online CPR certification class, it is important that they fall into the above considerations. You don’t want to waste your time and money and then have your employer not accept the certification! Be sure to do your homework before you sign up for any online life-saving course!

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