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5 Real Life Reminders That CPR Saves Lives

There is no denying that CPR saves lives. Heart attacks are one of our country’s biggest killers, claiming a life every 34 seconds. Yet, heart attacks aren’t the only time CPR is necessary. Approximately 7 million children and adults suffer injuries each year that warrant CPR, such as electric shock, drowning, severe allergic reactions, and choking. It is imperative that we all become CPR certified just in case someone around us needs our help.

Saving Lives through CPR Training

The American Heart Association states that 200,000 lives could be saved each year if CPR were performed in time. Read these 5 amazing real-life reminders of how CPR saves lives all around us. Click To Tweet Here are five real-life stories and reminders that CPR does save lives and why you need to get CPR certified in case there is ever someone in need around you.

  1. 40-Year-Old Soccer Professional in Florida
  2. Cardiac Arrest at the Patriots Game
  3. Avid Runner Collapses at Manhattan Beach
  4. Mom Saves Son’s Life
  5. Washington County Map Maker

1) 40-Year-Old Soccer Professional in Florida

In summer 2015, 40-year-old a soccer player was kicking the ball around with a friend when he suddenly collapsed in the sand. Luckily, a 19-year-old EMT student was there to administer CPR. Lifeguards at the Jacksonville beach were also ready with a quick response, and the man’s life was saved.

2) Cardiac Arrest at the Patriots Game

In November 2017, retired English teacher went to the Patriots game with his nephew and grandson. After the game, they boarded the train home and he fell into sudden cardiac arrest. He is alive today because his nephew was trained in CPR and was able to quickly assist him with emergency care until EMTs arrived.

3) Avid Runner Collapses at Manhattan Beach

A 19-year-old student from El Camino college went to play volleyball at a nearby beach in May 2018 and witnessed a 58-year-old jogger surrounded by people screaming for help after he collapsed. Lifeguards were still a distance away, so he ran over and began CPR on the man. Luckily, he had just learned CPR at college–otherwise, the jogger might not have lived through his cardiac arrest.

4) Mom Saves Son’s Life

This past summer, a young mom joined a mother’s group and learned child and infant CPR and first aid. She never thought she would need it, but three months later, she was performing CPR on her two-year-old son, saving him from drowning.

5) Oregon Map Maker Saves Coworker

After being called from his office this summer, a geographic information systems analyst who works for Washington County Board of Commissioners in Oregon used his CPR training to help a coworker who suffering sudden cardiac arrest. He conducted chest compressions for five full minutes before an ambulance arrived, saving his life.

Be CPR Ready When Cardiac Arrest Occurs

The above are just a few real-life examples of how CPR saves lives. You never know when someone around you might drown, choke, or go into cardiac arrest, and it is important to be ready and educated–just in case it does happen.

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