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5 Reasons to Get CPR Certified

If you aren’t already CPR certified, you need to be. It is one of the most important and life-changing skills a person can have. Everyone needs to get CPR certified because you will never know when an emergency will happen.Do you know what to do to help in an emergency situation? If not, here are 5 reasons why you need to get CPR certified. Click To Tweet

Why Get Certified in CPR?

More than 300,000 people suffer cardiac arrest each year, and 85% of those occur at home. Not only can you help save a loved one’s life, but learning CPR can also help increase your employment opportunities and boost confidence in an emergency situation.

  1. CPR Saves Lives
  2. Most Emergencies Happen At Home
  3. Increases Employment Opportunities
  4. Boost Confidence
  5. Various Certification Options

1) CPR Saves Lives

The number one reason to get CPR certified is that it is proven to save lives. By performing CPR, blood is able to continue circulating, providing oxygen to the body. This allows the brain and other organs to stay alive while you wait for the ambulance.

2) Most Emergencies Happen At Home

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), 80% of cardiac arrests happen at home. Every minute that passes without CPR, the victim’s chance of survival decreases between seven and ten percent.

ProTip: Being certified in CPR can help you save your loved one because you are able to begin as quickly as possible.

3) Increases Employment Opportunities

More and more companies are requiring their employees to be trained and certified in first aid and CPR. Employers will be more likely to hire a person who has taken the initiative to gain this incredibly important certification on their own.

4) Boosts Confidence

When you have been properly trained in CPR, you will have more confidence in an emergency situation. Knowing what to do if someone drowns, suffers cardiac arrest, or becomes unconscious could be the difference between life or death.

5) Flexible Certification Options

With today’s technology, there is no excuse not to take a CPR certification course. Many reputable schools now offer an online CPR certification option that allows you to take 80% of the class online while completing the skills and assessment in person. This hybrid-class style lets you take the lecture portion at your own pace and at your own convenience.

Saving Lives through CPR Certification Classes

One thing is for sure–everyone needs to be trained in basic life support (BLS). Whether you take the class online or on-campus, there is an option for you to get certified in this valuable life-saving procedure.

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