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5 Reasons Your Teenager Should Learn CPR

According to the American Heart Association, children as young as age nine are able to learn and retain CPR. Why might kids aged this young need to learn CPR training? There are many instances that might arise and warrant their life-saving skills.

CPR Training Saves Lives

Teenagers and young people are boundary pushers and take risks that many older adults no longer do. Because of this, it is important that teenagers learn CPR so they can be equipped to help in an emergency situation. It could mean the difference between the life and death of their friends or loved ones. Wondering why your teen might need to get trained and certified in CPR? Here are five reasons your teenager needs to learn CPR. Click To Tweet

  1. Asthma Attacks
  2. Head Injuries
  3. Drinking and Drugs
  4. Choking
  5. School Attacks

1) Asthma Attacks

A lot of kids and teens suffer from asthma and when an attack happens, everyone needs to stay calm. If that person does not happen to have their inhaler, the situation is likely going to worsen. If your teen is properly trained in first aid and CPR, they will be able to handle the situation no matter what happens.

2) Head Injuries

Teens can be daredevils sometimes and injuries do happen. According to the Red Cross, at least ⅓ of all teenagers have had to deal with someone with a head injury. Injuries of this sort need to be handled correctly to prevent further damage to the spinal cord. It is important in these situations to know cardiopulmonary resuscitation in case it is needed.

3) Drinking and Drugs

No one wants to think about their teens drinking or experimenting with drugs, but it happens. And sometimes, things do go wrong. Someone might drink too much and fall unconscious, or their friend might have a bad reaction from some drugs they’ve taken. If something goes wrong at a party, someone needs to be trained in case of an emergency.

4) Choking

Statistics show that one out of every five teens has had to help someone who was choking. Choking can happen anywhere and at any time and being properly trained in CPR can make sure your teen knows what to do in that situation.

5) School Attacks

While it is a scary subject, it is one that can’t be ignored any longer. There have 65 shootings in schools across America in 2018 so far. These are some scary statistics.  Even though we would never wish something to happen at our teen’s school, it is something to think about and realize that having students trained in CPR and first aid can help save victim’s lives.

Your Teen Needs to Learn CPR

ProTip: Having your teen learn CPR and first aid helps people remain safer by appreciating risk and being able to help each other if they are involved in a medical emergency.

Not only will getting CPR certified help your teenage save the lives of their friends in the case of an emergency, but they might also wind up saving your life, too. There have been plenty of instances where an adult suffers cardiac arrest and their teen, who has been properly trained in CPR, has been able to save their life.

Please Contact us to learn more reasons why your teenagers need to learn CPR or get them registered in CPR classes.