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7 Things to Look For When Hiring a Babysitter

Every couple deserves a night without the kiddos, but securing a trustworthy babysitter can be a daunting task! You need to make sure your children are well cared for and safe in order for you and your partner to have peace of mind while enjoying a movie, dinner, or a drink out on the town. Trusting someone with your child isn't easy, but a babysitter that's certified in first aid does provide some peace of mind. Click To Tweet

Hiring a Babysitter: What to Look For

Finding and hiring a babysitter doesn’t have to be difficult. With these top seven things to look for when choosing a babysitter, you will be having a great time out with your loved one in no time!

1) Reference Check

Try to find a babysitter that has references for you to chat with. Look for sitters at local churches, neighborhood directories, nearby schools, or ask your friends for referrals. Make sure to ask the sitter for references, as well, so you can hear from other families who’ve used them before.

2) Experience

Always ask a prospective sitter about prior experience. How many kids have they watched at a time? What age group are they most comfortable with? Is this their first job? Do they have experience with feeding, assisting with potty training, or anything else that might be a concern?

3) Babysitter Training

Has the babysitter you are considering ever gone through babysitter training classes? Hiring someone with a babysitting certification can help put your mind at ease while you are away from home. Through babysitting training, the sitter learns child care essentials, injury prevention, behavior management, and other training to help keep your child safe and well cared for.

4) CPR & First Aid

Finding a babysitter that is CPR and first aid certified is important to consider when looking for someone to watch your kids. With proper training in CPR and first aid, you can feel confident that nothing will happen to your kids while you are enjoying a night on the town.

5) Observe Interactions

Watch how your prospective sitter interacts with your kiddos. Do the kids seem to like him or her? It is important to find a sitter who makes the children feel comfortable and also aligns to your parenting rules.

6) Location & Transportation

Figure out how far your sitter lives from you and check to see about transportation. Do they have reliable transportation? Do you feel comfortable with your kids in their car? If they do drive, learn how long they have been driving, how many accidents they’ve been involved in, and if they have any speeding tickets, too.

7) Trust & Intuition

The number one thing to do is to trust your intuition. If you don’t get a good feeling about a sitter you are interviewing, it is best to pick someone else. Always go with your gut, especially when it comes to someone watching and caring for your child.

Hiring the Best Babysitter

When looking to hire a new babysitter, make sure to do your research, get referrals, interview multiple applicants, and also make sure to ask your kids if they like them. Hiring a babysitter trained in CPR, first aid, and babysitting safety should always be a requirement and on the top of your list for sitter requirements.

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