On-Campus vs. Online CPR Classes

Everyone knows how important being CPR certified is, but with people’s busy schedules and juggling life these days, sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to get to a certification course. Luckily, many CPR schools are offering online CPR classes. When you are ready to sign up for CPR classes here are some determining factors to help you decide whether to take an on-campus or online CPR course. Click To Tweet

Which is Best? On-Campus or Online CPR Classes?

On-campus and online CPR classes are both a great way to get CPR certified. Whether one is better than the other depends on your schedule and availability to take courses. If you are curious about what the main differences are between the two, here are some things to consider before making your decision:

What to Expect with On-Campus CPR Courses

On-Campus CPR training, or Basic Life Support (BLS), is the traditional way of gaining your certification card. Being in person during the training allows you to gain hands-on experience. The courses are typically four hours in length and come with a two-year certification.

All About Online CPR Classes

There have been significant advances in online education over the past decade and now you don’t have to let a busy schedule stop you from attending a CPR certification course. While some schools offer fully online courses for CPR and first aid, many times employers will not accept these for their CPR requirements. It is best to find a hybrid course that is recognized by the American Heart Association (AHA).

ProTip: An online CPR course allows you to take the lecture portion at your leisure and complete the hands on skills in person.

AHA Approved Online CPR Courses

An online AHA recognized class gives you the ability to complete the lecture part of the training course online and the skills and assessment portion on-campus. This method allows you to complete 80% of the class at your own time and hours that are convenient for you and schedule the in-person skills assessment portion when you have the time to complete it. This hybrid-style course is an excellent way to gain your certification and also allows you to ask questions you might have, as well.

Choosing What’s Best for You: On-Campus vs. Online CPR Classes

The importance of getting trained in CPR cannot be overstated and is proven invaluable in emergency situations. No matter what your schedule is like there is no reason or excuse not to get CPR certified. Whether you decide a fully on-campus course or online CPR training works best for you, getting certified is one of the most important things you can do and could mean the difference between the life or death of someone suffering an emergency.

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