How to Choose the Right CPR Training Program for your Organization |

How to Choose the Right CPR Training Program for Your Organization

Regardless of industry, your organization should know exactly how to get CPR and first aid certified. You can never predict a medical emergency. Hosting a CPR and first aid training course for your staff should be a top priority.

Of the many CPR courses available, you’re sure to find one that fits your company’s needs. Primarily consider the needs of your staff. For instance, do you have any Spanish speaking employees? Some training centers offer CPR classes in Spanish. Also, evaluate the level of training required, online-only options, proof of course completion, and the teachers’ credibility.

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How Much Training Do Your Employees Need?

Most laypeople only need to know the basics of CPR and artificial respiration before an ambulance arrives. But sometimes a company requires further training, or an employee needs particular care in an emergency. If your employees need more in-depth training, consider an advanced CPR course.

Will an Online Course be Enough?

Theoretically, online CPR courses provide the same instructions. However, because you can’t practice with mannequins or talk to an instructor via an online course, no CPR classes are exclusively online. At least a few on-site hours are required for hands-on practice. Make sure to consider these limitations as you choose between online and traditional classes.

Pro Tip: Online CPR courses offer blended learning options, balancing online work with face-to-face instruction. No legitimate online CPR class will be entirely remote.

Proof of Course Completion

Providing a class will be useless without proving your employees took the class and passed, particularly if CPR training is legally required. Ensure that the instructors provide certificates or other tangible proof that the course was successfully completed.

Can You Trust the Instructor?

Check the training group’s online reviews and their equipment. Do they have a good history of proper instruction and up-to-date practice mannequins? You can’t afford to cut corners when teaching life-saving skills. Only hire the most trustworthy and competent CPR instructors.

Providing Preventive Emergency Training

You never know when one of your employees will have to administer first aid to a coworker. While you can’t prevent these incidents, you can make sure everyone is ready for them when they do happen. A quality aid certification course may save someone’s life.

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