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The Value of Group CPR Training

Have you considered hosting a group CPR training session at your workplace? Instead of just requiring individual training to fulfill a minimum requirement, a group class can go above and beyond to provide a level of convenience and benefits that a single-student course couldn’t.

Learning CPR and first aid could save lives, and making sure your employees know CPR will make your workplace safe. Requiring online or individual certifications may fulfill the need, but an in-person group course may be the better choice for CPR training.

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Convenient for You and Your Employees

Depending on your preference, an instructor can come to your workplace or reserve a room at their own facility so you can go to them. Either way, you can dedicate a portion of your workday to the course so no one has to stay late. Your employees will get the training they need in the most convenient way for everyone.

Proof of Course Completion

Corporate may require certificates or other records proving that you and your employees passed the first aid course. Thankfully, a group training session can provide this proof. Regardless of class location, the instructor can immediately print certificates for you and your employees and provide detailed records of the training provided. Not only will this satisfy corporate requirements, but it will also provide your employees with universally acknowledged first aid and CPR certification.


While exact costs vary, scheduling a group course will likely save you money. Courses for one person can cost between $50-$250, depending on the level of certification required. A group course will generally discount the price per person, making a group course a less expensive route to certification.

Discounted Training Available for Friends and Family

Booking a group course through Health Street comes with an extra advantage: discounted CPR training for your employees’ family and friends. CPR and first aid can save just as many lives at home as in the workplace. These extra courses can prove quite helpful to families who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Pro Tip: If you’re encouraging friends and family to get certified in CPR, see if there’s a specialized course (like the Safe Sitter course for babysitters) that they could benefit from.

Make Sure Your Employees Get the Training They Need

No matter which training course you choose, make sure it provides the necessary instruction and that your employees are certified. This is one course you should absolutely never cut corners on, because knowing could save a life.

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