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3 Reasons to Take a Group CPR Class

Group CPR classes, often offered in the workplace for employees to take, provide the chance to learn critical lifesaving skills along with a number of other people. While these courses provide much of the same instruction as an individual or online course, learning in a group setting provides a few advantages you wouldn’t otherwise get. How can this setting help you?

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Learning in a Group Setting

CPR certification courses designed for a group give your first aid training a few helpful advantages that a more individually-focused class might not include. For anyone taking a CPR class in the workplace, these advantages may include:

  1. Convenient time and place
  2. Cost-effective for employees and others
  3. Access to professional teacher and equipment

1) Convenient Time and Place

Many CPR professionals will set up a meeting place for the class. Alternatively, you can ask the instructor to come to your workplace so no one has to find a new location during the workday. Whichever option you choose, you can dedicate a portion of the workday to this class so no one has to work extra hours. Most CPR teachers are perfectly willing to work with your schedule and preferred location–just ask.

2) Cost-Effective for Employees and Others

Buying in bulk is generally cheaper, and group CPR classes are no exception. Reserving a group class often allows you to receive discounts on each individual taking the course. Keep costs down with a mass reservation rather than booking for each person on their own.

Pro Tip: Employees who take group CPR courses have the chance to enroll their friends and family in similar courses at a discounted rate. Make sure your employees know this option is available to them.

3) Access to Professional Teacher and Equipment

Of course, the best part of any CPR class is that you have complete access not only to a CPR expert but also to their practice equipment. Instead of just reading about how to perform first aid, you and your employees can practice on mannequins and simulated emergency equipment. Learning hands-on will give you a huge advantage in a crisis situation.

Prepare for an Emergency Situation

Health conditions can cause a heart attack, but for many people, a cardiovascular emergency comes out of nowhere. If one of your team members needs help in the future, will you or your employees know how to intervene successfully? A workplace-focused group CPR course can provide your team with the knowledge and confidence they need to intervene in a crisis situation.

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