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Why Your Teaching Staff Needs Group CPR Training

The more people are gathered in one place, the more likely it is for a medical emergency to occur. The crowds at schools or universities are an all-too-common setting for sudden cardiac arrest or another emergency. Worse, these occurrences don’t discriminate. While children and young adults are less likely to experience sudden cardiac arrest, they’re far from immune.

Teachers have a very important job. Aside from being mentors and instructors to young people, they may also be the only ones available in the case of a medical emergency. Is your teaching staff up to the challenge? Invest in CPR training for your teachers to make sure they know how to handle an emergency situation.

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Quick Intervention

Emergencies don’t wait for a convenient time to happen. When a student collapses, the teacher should be ready to begin first aid immediately. This crucial skill and the quick intervention of knowledgeable bystanders have saved many lives.

Pro Tip: According to the CDC, CPR performed in the first few minutes of cardiac arrest can double or triple the victim’s chances of survival. Don’t wait to start helping!

Quick & Simple Course

Basic first aid courses, the best choice for teachers, can be easily completed in just a few short hours. The lessons are designed specifically for anyone who wants or needs enough knowledge on first aid to keep a patient stable until professionals can take over. Quite frequently, that knowledge is all a teacher needs. You won’t have to worry about losing valuable work time for this course.

Discounted Rates for Large Groups

Finally, group classes tend to offer discounts on each individuals’ price. Since your entire teaching staff should learn the crucial skills of CPR and first aid, why not set aside a day or two dedicated solely to these classes? You’ll save money on the prices and ensure that everyone is prepared for an emergency situation.

Be Prepared for Anything

Teachers have the immense responsibility of not only teaching, but also being the first emergency responders in several time-sensitive situations. Even a basic knowledge of CPR and first aid can make a significant difference in the outcome of an emergency. Take the time to make sure your entire teaching staff is prepared and able to help a student in need of emergency care.

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