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What to Expect In a Safe Sitter Course

Do you have a son or daughter between the ages of 11 and 14 looking to babysit or even start a babysitting business? Taking a Safe Sitter course is a great way to ensure the safety of the infants and children they will be caring for. Getting your Safe Sitter certification provides peace of mind for parents and children alike. Click To Tweet

Safe Sitter Prepares Students

A Safe Sitter course helps prepare young adolescents in child safety and life-saving skills. Here is the course content and what to expect in a Safe Sitter course.

  1. Choking Care
  2. Infant & Child CPR
  3. Injury Prevention & Management
  4. Sitter Safety
  5. Childcare Essentials
  6. Behavior Management
  7. Creating a Babysitting Business

1) Choking Care

Students learn the proper ways to handle a choking child or infant. Students are individually tested in these procedures.

2) Infant & Child CPR

Your teen will learn infant and child CPR so they will know how to save an infant or child’s life if they become unresponsive.

3) Injury Prevention & Management

Students learn first aid rescue skills and how to prevent and manage injuries. They will learn to evaluate the urgency of the problem so that can best determine how to get or administer help.

4) Sitter Safety

You never know what might happen when your young teen is babysitting. They will learn all aspects of staying safe and how to react to threatening situations from power failures to dealing with prowlers.

5) Childcare Essentials

All babysitters need to know the basics of child development. In the Safe Sitter course, they will learn nurturing techniques and practice skills like feeding babies and diapering them.

6) Behaviour Management

Learn how to prevent problem behaviors and what to do to manage problems when they arise. They will also learn how to determine the severity and urgencies of the behavior and how to diffuse it.

7) Creating a Babysitting Business

Your teen has an opportunity to create their own business in babysitting and will learn a plethora of valuable information like setting fees, screening jobs for safety, and what information to leave with parents and employers.

Safe Sitter Course: Life and Safety Skills

With hands-on training, small group interactive learning, and role-playing games, your young teen will be equipped with the medically accurate knowledge to safely babysit infants and children, and possibly begin their own business, too!

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