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Why Opt for Onsite CPR Training?

Do you need to update your CPR training, but haven’t found time in your schedule to fit it in? Online CPR training might sound like the best solution. But before you dive into an online course, consider whether the benefits of onsite CPR training might be worth your time. Many students opt for classroom CPR instruction as a valuable hands-on, in-depth training experience. Is onsite CPR training worth the time? Discover why classroom instruction is one of the most popular choices for Houston students. Click To Tweet

We know that CPR is important – it saves lives! From healthcare professionals to preschools and more, CPR and first aid safety training are required for employment. Both online and onsite CPR training classes have unique advantages. It’s important to do your research before registering for your course. Sometimes an online class may seem like the easiest solution, but taking your course in a classroom setting can have numerous advantages. Let’s look at some of the most popular reasons students decide to take CPR training courses on campus.

  1. Hands-On Learning
  2. In-Person Interaction with CPR Instructors
  3. Benefit from Other Students
  4. Dive Deeper into Training
  5. Your Choice of Location

1) Reap the Benefits of Hands-On Learning

Learning CPR in a classroom setting gives students a chance to practice with a CPR mannequin instead of relying on reading material alone. Everyone learns differently, and you might discover that you retain the information more effectively through hands-on training with a professional.

2) Gain More from In-Person Interaction with CPR Instructors

Take advantage of the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like to the expert instructors available to you. They are there to teach but also to make you feel comfortable enough to speak up if something needs to be clarified. A computer course might make that way of learning more challenging for some people.  

Protip: When someone goes into sudden cardiac arrest, you’re going to want to have confidence in your CPR training. Sometimes in-person instruction is the best way to help you prepare for the real thing.

3) Learn from the Other Students in Your Class

Onsite CPR classes give you a great chance to learn from others. There may be someone in your class who asks a question that may have never occurred to you. If you’re getting re-certified, you can master your CPR skills by giving pointers to someone who may be taking the course for the first time.

4) Take a Deeper Plunge into Your CPR Training

In a class setting, you can ask your instructor to provide you different scenarios that would require you to perform CPR, and have the instructor critique your skills. This will help you perfect your performance as you practice for a real life-threatening event.

5) Choose the Location

Many onsite training programs offer instruction at either their location or yours. If you’re a business owner, you can provide group training to your employees at your place of business for convenience. Taking a CPR course with your coworkers can also be a team-building experience you will enjoy.

Is Onsite Training Best for You?

Still not sure whether onsite CPR training is the best choice for you or your employees? It’s important to take the time to weigh your options and choose the format that will provide the most beneficial training experience.

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