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What Will You Learn in a Safe Sitter Class?

Are you a babysitter or find yourself surrounded by children? If so, injuries are bound to happen and it’s important to know how to respond. Those skills could be the difference between life or death for a child in the time of an emergency. Get prepared with our Safe Sitter Class!

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Our Safe Sitter class is held on-site and is geared toward adolescents between the ages of 11 and 14. The certified course provides the resources needed for babysitters to feel confident about how to safely care for a child. Through hands-on practice and interactive learning, babysitters will be able to learn the following skills.

Safety Advice

From personal to house safety, learn how to stay safe in a variety of situations. In a home, a babysitter should know how to use kitchen appliances, electrical outlets, and cleaning supplies to ensure a child’s safety. Our CPR course also includes helpful information to guard against intruders or interactions with strangers. 

CPR Training

In our safe sitter class, CPR is one of our top priorities. Our certified CPRologists will teach you what to do if an infant or child chokes. With the use of life-size manikins, students are able to practice with the trainer to gain confidence and experience. 

Pro Tip: Learning CPR isn’t just for babysitters. If you’re not sure how to respond if someone chokes, sign up for a Basic CPR Class, offered on-site or online.

Childcare Skills

From learning how to feed children to changing diapers, our course includes childcare essentials that will enhance their babysitting skills. In addition, we provide techniques on how to respond to disorderly children. Whether they’re throwing tantrums or won’t listen to directions, we aim to give you the tools to remain in control.

First Aid Training

In addition to the one-on-one CPR training, we also teach students basic first aid skills to help prevent injuries. Moreover, you’ll be given a variety of scenarios and taught how to evaluate the severity and urgency of a problem. In the case of an emergency, these skills will give you the ability to calm the child and know who to call for help. 

It’s a Good Investment

With hands-on practice, small group interactive learning, and role-playing, you can gain the confidence needed to care for children of all ages. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even open up a babysitting business! In the case that a certification is required, this class will ensure that you are prepared for the unexpected.

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